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Why Growth?

Built around your customer

We look at actual behavior because what people say they’ll do and what they actually do are 2 very different things. Looking at real consumer behavior, we can make decisions based on data. This is customer-centricity, which leads to impactful growth.


Full-Funnel Marketing

Traditional marketing only focuses on awareness and acquisition, we go a step further.  We start at the top of your marketing funnel all the way to the bottom, from awareness to revenue. We audit your digital footprint and create a full-funnel approach that makes sense now and forever.


Expand your business sustainably

We put your company first. Most agencies would pick the low-hanging fruit to get easy wins and to reduce their time spent. This doesn’t lead to sustainable change. We run experiments to make impactful changes, by making structural changes with growth in mind.

The Cosmos Collective Way

Rapid experimentation

There is no one that knows the ins and outs of experimentation like we do. That’s why we run multiple experiments in 2-week sprints, dividing large projects into smaller tasks. We create cost-effective & scalable measures that create real growth for the long term.


Hustle in co-creation

It’s your project so you should have a say in it. We actually work together with our clients, putting time and effort into making you one of us. We come with a T-shaped (not literally) team that plugs into your team seamlessly, so we have every base covered.


Tried-and-tested approach

We have driven growth for 30+ global companies, giving us the experience and focus to get tangible results for every obstacle imaginable. By building fast in public, we can learn and pivot at a pace others simply cannot.

The Cosmos Collective Way

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Frederik Vandenweghe

Frederik Vandenweghe

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Don't take our word for it... Believe our clients!

"We really appreciate the Cosmos way of working. They helped us validate our ideas step by step - based on real customer behaviour - to make sure our concept worked before investing in it. In addition, very capable and nice people to work with, I can count on them."
MARIJKE HOUTMAN - Business Developer in Health at Colruyt Group
“I’ve been part of many upskilling programs, but at Cosmos Collective they keep surprising. Not only the curriculum is always on point, never have I seen such an up-to-date toolkit to use myself. These guys are all about learning by doing."
LIEVEN VAN NIEUWENHUYZE - Group Chief Digital Officer at House of HR
“We’ve been working with Cosmos Collective since day 1 and now and then they invite us for their masterclasses! I can only highly recommend their programs, no fluffy bullshit, but actionable tips to take to the office the next day.”
ELLEN VERHASSELT - Innovation Lead at Smart With Food by Colruyt Group

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