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An idea is great. Or it can be. But it is filled with assumptions. We derisk your business idea by breaking down those assumptions and validating them one by one. Our method? Rapid experimentation.

Our validation process


Do you have a proven track record when it comes to running experiments and strategies?

Awesome, you jotted down an idea on a post-it. Now it’s time to turn your intangible idea into something tangible.

Using our Value Proposition Canvas, we go back to the core: The Problem. It needs to solve a clear pain. What is the problem that you are solving? Which are the customer pains that you are relieving? How does it fit the jobs that need to be done?

Using the Lean Canvas, we map out all the elements that make up your business. Think of operations, channels, revenue drivers, cost structure, customer segments, value propositions and more.

Identify your riskiest assumptions

Do you have a proven track record when it comes to running experiments and strategies?

We all interpret concepts and ideas through our own lenses. At Cosmos Collective, we use the three lenses of innovation, which are desirability, viability and feasibility. The Sweet Spot is where all three lenses overlap.

The assumptions we identify as ‘important but unknown’ are the riskiest ones. These are your deal breakers or deal makers. If these assumptions aren’t true, you need to pivot.

Design your experiment

Do you have a proven track record when it comes to running experiments and strategies?

We make sure each assumption is testable. Then we translate each assumption into one of our over fifty business experiments. 

We want to look at actual behaviour: what people do speaks much louder than what they say they’ll do. It’s all about tangible and observable facts.

We determine the acceptance criteria before we start running our experiments, because we find it tremendously important to avoid confirmation bias. Objectivity throughout is key here.

Experimentation never happens in a vacuum. We create a string of experiments and find different validation points for your assumptions. 

Run your experiment

Do you have a proven track record when it comes to running experiments and strategies?

This is where the real fun begins. It is what we do, what we breathe, what makes us tick. It is finally time to start the experiment!

We schedule interviews, build landing pages, and draft Letters of Intent. We do everything in our power to objectively validate your assumptions.

Because of our agile setups, we are able to run our experiments in 2-week sprints, building on insights and pivoting with every sprint. Our sprints are like Usain Bolt’s.

We keep what works and we stop that which does not. Everything in between gets a pivot. 

Make evidence-based decisions

Do you have a proven track record when it comes to running experiments and strategies?

With assumptions in one hand and experiment results in the other, we decide which assumptions make the cut by looking at the qualitative data.

Does the assumption fail to meet the learning metrics? Then we have to pivot! But… does it do what we thought it would do? Great, keep it! On to the next.

Once we validated enough assumptions to meet the problem-solution fit, we‘re done here. The clear pain is identified and the right solution is found. Now it’s time to grow!

Don't take our word for it... Believe our clients!

"We really appreciate the Cosmos way of working. They helped us validate our ideas step by step - based on real customer behaviour - to make sure our concept worked before investing in it. In addition, very capable and nice people to work with, I can count on them."
MARIJKE HOUTMAN - Business Developer in Health at Colruyt Group
“I’ve been part of many upskilling programs, but at Cosmos Collective they keep surprising. Not only the curriculum is always on point, never have I seen such an up-to-date toolkit to use myself. These guys are all about learning by doing."
LIEVEN VAN NIEUWENHUYZE - Group Chief Digital Officer at House of HR
“We’ve been working with Cosmos Collective since day 1 and now and then they invite us for their masterclasses! I can only highly recommend their programs, no fluffy bullshit, but actionable tips to take to the office the next day.”
ELLEN VERHASSELT - Innovation Lead at Smart With Food by Colruyt Group

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