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Turn problems into relevant knowledge

The Lean Canvas jumpstarts you innovation efforts & puts your ideas in writing.

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Lean canvas how to use it

What is it for?

It’s a powerful tool to analyse and validate the most important assumptions of your startup’s business idea.


  • Allows you to get ideas out of the mental space and written down quickly
  • Tremendously increases speed to allow you to communicate your ideas
  • Uncluttered with unnecessary information. Just plain, simple ideas that are straight to the point
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Step by step guide


Download the Lean Canvas.


In the problems section, write down a series of high-priority problems that your customer segment faces. 


Fill in the Customer Segment and Problems sections at the same time.


Write down your Value Proposition in the same language your customer segment uses.


Get your idea down on paper, preferably by going out of your building and onto the street, where your customers are. Write it down in the Solutions box.


Write down the ways you will reach your segment in the Channels section.


Write down your revenue streams. Think carefully about your pricing and its perception!


Write down a breakdown of your operational costs in the Cost Structure section.


Write down the key metrics that will be used to monitor and assess performance.


Fill out the one competitive advantage you posses that can not be copied, purchased or transferred in the Unfair Advantage section.

Step by step guide

Get the tool

Download our Lean Canvas and design the right experiment to test your hypothesis.

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