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from assumptions to testable hypotheses.

You'll start asking the question what impact you can make in which way and for who.

how to use hypothesis creator

What is it for?

Convert your riskiest assumptions into testable hypotheses.


  • Formulate your hypothesis in a waterproof way
  • Hypothesis structure: if we do X, then Y% of the target audience will behave in way Z.
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Step by step guide


Download the pdf.


Pick your riskiest assumption.


Define the X-variable. What action are you going to take to test this assumption. Write down your specific repeatable action.


Define the Y-variable. Make sure you vanity check your metric. Be as specific as possible when it comes to your target audience.


Define the Z-variable. What action does your target audience have to take in order for this experiment to be a success? What is the expected measurable action?


Write down your leading indicators. What are the metrics you can track that represent necessary actions to achieve your success goal?

Step by step guide

Get the tool

Download our Hypothesis Creator and convert your riskiest assumptions into testable hypotheses.

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