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Let’s de-risk your innovative efforts with 30+ hands-on experiments.

+30 validation experiments book

What it’s about

A guide full of experiments

There are many types of experiments and you can create many more. In our never-ending quest to help innovators, innovation teams and entrepreneurs choose the more suitable experiment to validate their hypothesis, we’ve created a guide with over 30 validation experiments. It covers experiments from the problem fit stage to the product/market fit stage. This guide is ideal when you have translated the assumptions underlying your idea into clear hypotheses that you can test.


In short, it’s a guide covering experiments for different stages of your innovation process.

Who needs this playbook?

Anyone who innovates can use this guide, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of an innovation squad of a large company. If you have an idea that you want to validate, then this is definitely the guide for you. 


Did you find a valuable solution and are you looking for ways to validate it? We’re about to make your life a lot easier, with a guide full of A1 experiments for A1 results! Get the Experiment Guide!

Innovation Teams

Already got the ways of experimentation in your fingertips? Our guide is bound to have some experiments and insights that you might have missed. Download the Experiment Guide now!


Find the right experiment for the problem you want to solve. De-risk your idea by investigating the viability of it with some of the industry’s best practices. Start building your first experiment now!

Talking through the process step by step puzzling every piece to find the right way

Get the PDF

Have an idea that might become a solution for a problem? Then our guide with 30+ experiments is perfect for you to validate your idea! Just create a hypothesis from your idea and get experimenting! Get the PDF by filling in the blank spaces next to this text!

+30 validation experiments book

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