From hypothesis to experiment.

Let’s de-risk your innovative efforts.

What is it for?

Turn your hypothesis into an experiment to make an evidence-based decision. Design the right experiment to test your hypothesis.


  • Have a clear overview of the experiment you’re going to run and the metrics you need to track.
  • Bundle all your experiments into an experiment library.

Step by step guide


Download the Experiment Card.


Describe your high-level experiment idea. Tip: Link to your source of inspiration.


Write down the hypothesis you want to test.


What test are you actually going to run? A/B test, Smoke test, Trigger test? Be as specific as possible. How are going to set it up and what tooling are you going to use?


Every experiment needs to have clear success criteria. Make sure you vanity check your metrics. Think about leading indicators you can track (qualitative and quantitative).


Time to plan out your to-do’s so you can put your experiment live on time. Sprint planning will also help you assign accountability and identify blockers.

Step by step guide

Get the tool

Download our Experiment Card and design the right experiment to test your hypothesis.

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