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Rank your riskiest assumptions with our assumption mapper.

Take a critical look at your business proposition and rank your riskiest assumptions with this map.

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assumption mapper how to use it

What is it for?

Those real deal-breakers that, if invalidated, means your whole business proposition needs to be redesigned.


  • Identify your most critical assumptions.
  • Rank your assumptions based on risk and ease to test.
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Step by step guide


Download the Assumption Mapper.


Write down some critical assumptions about desirability, viability and feasibility in the following format: “Customers will do X”.


Have your team challenge and build on your assumptions.


Place your assumptions on the map by asking yourself how risky this assumption is to the success of your business and how quickly you can test them. 


Make sure you’re in alignment with the team on what assumption you’re going to tackle based on your Assumption Map.


Time to plan out your to-do’s so you can put your experiment live on time. Sprint planning will also help you assign accountability and identify blockers.

Step by step guide

Get the tool

Download our Assumption Mapper and take a critical look at your business proposition.

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