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Growth Crash Course

See how we drive growth with experimentation and why it's important for future-proofing your business
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Course summary

During this two-day growth crash course you will learn about the fundamentals of growth marketing. The combination of use cases and exercises will help you gain the knowledge and skills to drive impactful growth. You will get a first-hand look at the role that experiments play in your growth story and learn about the importance of frameworks, rankings, ideation and more. 

Mathy leading one of our masterclasses about experimentation


2 days




Key learnings

Growth Fundamentals

Get knowledgeable about the fundamentals of growth, its history and the methods & tools that have been created to drive impactful growth. You’ll learn about funnels, metrics, frameworks, experimentation and more plus their purpose in the growth process.

How to use tools & exercises

Gain the skills to use pirate funnels, apply frameworks such as BRASS and PIES, create rankings, organise efficient ideation sessions, experiment design, sprint planning and much more.

Experimentation Design

Learn about rapid experimentation the Cosmos Collective way. We’ll even show you our secrets to designing them. It will accelerate your innovation, leading to exponential growth in no time.

Culture Building

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to drive impactful growth effectively, but also to install a culture in your company to apply these teachings independently in the future.

What to expect?

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Hands-on exercises

Get to know the broad spectrum that is experimentation and immediately apply these teachings with exercises under our helping hand.

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No-code toolstack

No code tools allow us to focus on testing our MVP instead of building it. It’s perfect for validating critical assumptions and discovering what your audience really wants. It’s our codeword for faster validation.

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Personal facilitation

Our experts are pros in facilitating team meetings, meaning that they’ll design, plan and lead it in a way that stimulates fruitful conversations and meets the objectives that are set. You’re going to walk away with accomplished objectives, pinky swear.

Download the course curriculum

“We need someone who is in love with the startup mindset, who really enjoys using his or her marketing skills to test new business ideas and who is in for a fancy team lunch or football game every once in a while.”


Together, we’ll figure out what you really want to achieve. This is about turning your challenge or idea into a solid business strategy.

Introduction to innovation


Business Model & Value
Propostition Canvas

Innovation Cookbook:
The 30+ different types of experiments

The why of experimentation: Data-driven decision making

Customer-centric validation

Building an
Experiment Plan

Assumption mapping
Hypothesis creation

Experiment pairing,
building sequences for

Tools & tricks to take
shortcuts for your

Build, measure, learn

Running experiments

Jobs to be done; what is the cutomer hiring you for?

Data-driven customer journey through empathy: identify optimization opportunities

The ABC’s of experimentation of experimentation: Experiment library with 100! examples

Trusted by companies across the globe

What participants say about us

Good combination of theory & practice. Nice to work on several concrete ideas and to spar with "like-minded peers". Applying theory hands-on to concrete topics. Highly recommended!
Toon Torfs
—Innovation, Business Development & Sustainability at Schoenen Torfs
Very satisfied because the theoretical presentation was followed by an example (in group) in practice so your knowledge sticks for future projects. Cosmos was great at working out cases, in their interaction & communication, explanation of examples from own experiences and in providing a mixture of participants & branches.
Amelie Withaeckx
—Project manager Business Development & Innovation bij Solucious
Hanne and Frederik guided us through the up to then “experiment’s maze” with mastery. By sharing their extensive experience & applying the theory on the spot, I have learned how powerful and important an experiment setup is. The most significant learning for me was how to tie up different experiments, as the sequence of experiments gives us the confidence to say that a hypothesis is validated.
Daniel Bastos
—Transition Management and Ways of Working at Nike
I am a big proponent of learning hands-on. They have perfectly combined this with theory and provided interesting tools. You are never alone in the exercises. There is always someone ready to help you back on your way. A very instructive masterclass that creates a safe space for all your questions and comments.
Lisa Van Ryckeghem
—Zorgtechnoloog bij i-mens

Upcoming events

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04/09/22 – 06/09/22

Breaking the grid



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11/12/22 – 12/12/22

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09/01/23 – 11/01/23

Why us?


International experience (New York, Amsterdam)

We have clients ranging from our own little Belgium, to the thriving Amsterdam and the city that never sleeps, New York. We are steadily expanding and creating new partnerships by the minute. Our growth has given us experience in many tools, channels and cultures.


Only studio that solely focuses on experiments

Together, we’ll figure out what you really want to achieve. This is about turning your challenge or idea into a solid business strategy and creating a visual prototype to test with real people. Together, we’ll figure out and create a visual prototype to test with real people.


Bringing you learnings from 10+ years of consulting

Our experimentation consultants have elaborate experience in the field of validation. We're combining the knowledge of three experts to provide a maximum variety of learnings. This team consists of 2 in-house innovators and one well-known guest speaker.


Our experts sign your unique certificate

We allow you to show your colleagues, social contacts and companies that you successfully gained key learnings at Cosmos Collective. You'll have a unique, valuable certificate that is signed by our experts. Let your LinkedIn network know you managed to master a new skill.

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Frederik Vandenweghe

Founder & Client Lead

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case some things weren’t clear

It’s our mission to drive impactful Growth. We take the traditional marketing model and add layers such as A/B testing, value-additive blog posts, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimisation, creative ad copy and technical analysis of every aspect of a user’s experience. The insights gained from these strategies are quickly implemented in order to achieve robust and sustainable growth.

We welcome anyone who wants to master how to drive impactful growth through growth marketing and experimentation. If you’re working to solve critical business problems, either as a solo entrepreneur, startup or squad member of an innovation team, then this is the right place for you.

Our consultants and expert trainers are professionals with real life experience in their respective fields, who dedicate some of their precious time to helping others. They have real, hands-on experience and knowledge with multiple use cases they can refer to. They are also constantly looking for ways to update course curriculums, by implementing new technology and including the latest techniques & strategies.

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