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You were the kid that tried all the new things before they were cool. You’re the one that brings the ideas to the table. You’ve got ‘everything is possible’ tattooed on your chest. In other words: you’ve got the right startup and experimentation mindset.

We are Cosmos Collective. An international experimentation studio based in Antwerp, Amsterdam and New York. We’re cool and young. We wear sneakers. We’re looking for talent. Call us.

Our jobs




Medior digital performance marketer (3 years+ experience)
Antwerp, Belgium
Full Time
(Freelance) Digital Marketeer
Antwerp, Belgium
Full Time
Workshop facilitator
Antwerp, Belgium
Full Time
Strategic Business development Lead
New York, US
Full Time
Service / Business Designer (NY)
New York, US
Full Time
Service / Business Designer
Antwerp, Belgium
Full Time

Spontaneous application

Do you feel like you can add value to our team? But your ideal role is not listed as an open application?
Don’t worry! We’re always looking for talented and ambitious individuals.
If you really want to join our team just let us know. Send us an email with a clear motivation of why you want to strengthen our team.

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Partnership Cosmos logo - Idea Validation & Growth Marketing Services

What you give is what you get:

We asked our partners


We’re all about ideas, but we don’t like them hanging in limbo. We get things going! Execution is the key to progress. We never hold back, seizing opportunities and grabbing bulls by their horns. Combined with ownership and accountability, this makes us unstoppable.


In our scales: quality, effort and speed. Yes, we overdeliver to our clients. The outcome of your work is far more important than the hours on your clock or the process to get there.

Adapt or die

We’re not too shy to say it: we want to be the best in what we do. We need passionate people, driven by improvement and success. Curiosity and learning are key to challenging yourself (and us) and staying on top.


What’s success, if not a reason to celebrate? We are a team: success is never a one-person party. We never turn down a reason to celebrate our wins - big or small, for our clients and ourselves.

Experiment all day, every day

We’ve got digital experimentation running through our veins. It’s what we do and how we are. Not only for our clients but also for ourselves: test, fail, learn, repeat - until you reach success. If it weren’t that long, we’d have that tattooed on our arm.


You’ll get to know us as clear, open, honest communicators. Both with each other and with clients. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations and embrace feedback. Everything is out in the open: no gossip, no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get.

WIIFM, you ask?

  1. You’ll grow fast and tall
    You got it: we’re a startup. So hey, chaos and discomfort from time to time. But also: hello opportunities, chances to grow, to learn, to boost your career. Challenges are everywhere. We’re growing at lightning speed, you’ll love the ride.
  2. You get projects with impact
    Our ideas are different, new, fresh and exciting. Companies big and small love us for that. You will always be working on the next big thing. You’re shaping the future, here!
  3. You’ll learn
    There’s always room for more. More knowledge, more up-skilling. We enable a culture where you can explore beyond your job description. Find those interests and passions that help you grow personally and professionally.
  4. You’ll have fun
    Is this a laid-back, chill, stressless environment? No. But is it all work and no play? Also no. We know we ask a lot, so we give back a lot. We seize every opportunity to unwind: from ping pong tournaments to Fifa matches and Friday drinks. And we are genuinely good people. Really.

Let's hear from our colleagues

‘For me, Cosmos Collective is an ambitious, dedicated team. Always in for a good laugh. It’s the perfect place to develop myself personally and professionally. The team, the company and I are all growing together.’
‘What I love about working at Cosmos Collective is opportunities are everywhere. Every day is different from the one before and the team challenges you to learn and grow beyond what you imagined possible. And if you’re struggling, there’s always someone ready to listen and help.’
'Working at Cosmos has been truly inspiring so far. Every week I'm amazed by the ambitious goals that we're setting for ourselves. But I'm even more amazed at how we pull it off every time by working together as a team. Never a dull moment here!'
'For me working at Cosmos Collective equals working in a fast-paced and ambitious team that is always looking for new growth opportunities. I get the opportunity to try tons of new things and grow personally as well.'
'Working at Cosmos Collective has been very fun so far! The days fly by, especially when I’m at the office. Between all the hard work, there is always time to have a laugh with colleagues or play a ping pong game.'
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From cv to ‘welcome to our team’

Level 1: Apply!

We always have some open opportunities. But don’t limit yourself to those. We love a spontaneous email too, we’re always on the lookout for new talent.

Level 2: Resume review.

We thoroughly review your resume: skills, experience, passions and interests. Why are you The One? Let us know!

Level 3: Call us.

During a short call, we get to know each other. What makes you tick? Do you have a growth mindset, so we share values? And what’s your favourite colour?

Level 6 - 99: Celebration, your own chair and a lot of hard work.

You said yes! We crack a bottle and pour champagne and a lot of work over you. Welcome to the team!

Level 5: The offer you can’t refuse.

Hey, if you made it this far, there’s no way we’ll let you go. We make you a great offer. Promise.

Level 4: Visit us and get tested.

Welcome to our offices! We test the hell out of you with a business case. This way we can set your level of seniority. You’ll meet the team. We want you to like us as much as we like you.

Mathy’s career story

Hi, I’m Mathy :wave:

I’m a Growth Marketer specialized in Paid Advertising, Innovation and experimentation. Whilst working as a consultant for ambitious SMEs and big corporates like Multipharma, Luminus, SD Worx, Colruyt, Thomas More and many more, I acquired hands-on experience in:

:rocket: Implementing Growth Marketing processes
:rocket: Multichannel lead generation for B2B & B2C
:rocket: Paid advertising through a variety of Social Media Channels
:rocket: Advanced Automation Tactics to increase ROAS
:rocket: Implementing CRO tactics

As a side project, I’m managing an e-commerce store and creative collective focused on sustainable fashion, art and good vibes. I developed a real passion for advertising, innovation and growth. My straightforward and hands-on mentality are proven to be key in achieving targets. :dart:

Images speak louder than words

FAQs about applying and working with us

In case some things weren’t clear

You like working in cross-disciplinary teams towards a common objective, even on challenging assignments.

You are open-minded, embrace change and love exploring new fields within digital experiences & marketing.

You don’t mind a bit of chaos and love that every day is different from the day before.

You aren’t afraid to try new things and you see the value in trying, failing, learning and trying again.

We have to see a clear link to the job you’re applying for. Please include and highlight relevant experiences, skills and accomplishments. We want to hear about your strengths and passions. How are these relevant for this job?

A cover letter isn’t required. Sometimes it helps to explain why you would be a good fit, especially if you keep your resume very clean without any additional information.

Right now, we’re looking for in-house people. But hey, don’t let that stop you. We like people who think ahead: maybe in the future, we’d have interesting projects where we could use some extra hands.

Most of our positions are full-time, but occasionally we offer part-time roles. We will always mention the kind of position in the role description.

  • We offer a full-time position in our brand-new office in Antwerp, with parking spaces ànd a gym.
  • We work with top companies that have leading positions in their markets: Corona Direct, Jims, NowJobs, Striktly, Smart with Food (Colruyt), Helan, Jacobs, ING, Gimber, DPG media…
  • You’ll get numerous on-the-job learning opportunities because you take the lead regarding your clients.
  • A market-conform salary, including a car or electric bike.

  • A MacBook Pro and any other tool you might need for the job.

  • 32 vacation days.

  • Meal vouchers and net allowances.

  • Hospitalisation insurance.

  • Flexible work hours.

  • A highly talented, young, diverse and fun team. Modest, too.

  • Team activities like lunches, Friday drinks, a yearly offsite, conferences, sports…

Yes. But flexibility goes both ways. We care about results and if you get your job done, the specific hours you work don’t matter. You get a lot of freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.

Our desk chairs swivel around in the C-hive building, Mechelsesteenweg 180 in Antwerp. The building has a gym, parking spaces and a rooftop bar.

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