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Ants Connect Acquires Cosmos Collective

Ghent agency continues to grow by expanding its services and entering Antwerp. Ghent, September 28, 2023 – The Ghent-based digital performance marketing agency Ants Connect has acquired Antwerp’s Cosmos Collective. This growing enterprise is now establishing a presence in Antwerp, with an office on Mechelsesteenweg, and significantly expanding its range of services. “The growth marketing […]

Insights from LinkedIn Top Voice Nick Vinckier on Corporate Innovation in Luxury Retail

Nick Vinckier

Nick’s background Nick Vinckier lives and works in the United Arab Emirates since 2018. As Head of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group, he researches & develops new competitive advantages and revenue streams for luxury fashion & beauty brands in the Middle East. More concretely, he recently launched the Group’s first NFT collection, circular business models, […]

7 modern examples of corporate innovation failures (and how to avoid them)

Corporate innovation fails

Imagine a world without magnetic bank cards and ATMs. Or imagine a world without the internet and how life would be right now without it. Difficult right? Innovation is one of the keys of our society over the last 200 years. It has come at such a blazing rate in recent decades, that it has […]

Here are 5 guidelines to master every customer interview (+ cheat sheet)


Here are 5 guidelines to master every customer interview Everyone, including you & me, are inherently bad at predicting their behavior. So, we need to break away from traditional market research and never ask whether people will buy or not buy a solution. Acknowledging this is especially crucial when you’re working with early-stage ideas when […]

The beginner’s guide to a job in innovation

Growth Guide

The beginner’s guide to a job as innovation consultant Work never stops, and this applies more than ever in innovation. However, that’s what makes it so exciting; there are always new possibilities, new strategies to develop and new solutions waiting for you to be found. Now, this does not only take time but most of […]

5 Steps to create an innovation mindset

innovation mindset

5 Steps to create an innovation mindset Behavioural Forward-thinking, creativity, willingness to take risks…  Those characteristics all belong to people with an innovation mindset. They are aware of the need of making mistakes and trying over and over again to grow or innovate. They know new things are always lurking around the corner and they […]

The 6 skills you must have in your validation team.

Skillset for validation teams

If you’re building a product or service, working on a business model, defining an innovation process, or planning to do any of the above, there is something you need to fix first, your team. But what kind of team do you need to start creating your business? Working in teams is not always easy. Culture, […]

Don’t fly blind! Start with business experimentation


We’ve always stated that many start-ups fail because of a lack of market understanding. Launching a business without proving that the solution is what people want or need puts all innovation efforts at risk. However, corporations and other businesses face the same threat when improving customer experiences, trying new business models, or developing new products. […]

What you need to know about business idea validation.

Validation process

When it comes to innovation, entrepreneurship, ventures, etc., there is too much theory out there: many books, guides, blogs, and videos. Everyone has the secret recipe for innovation to succeed. However, most business ideas fail within the first year. So, how can I make my business idea a profitable success? There is no simple answer. […]

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