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Ants Connect Acquires Cosmos Collective

Ghent agency continues to grow by expanding its services and entering Antwerp. Ghent, September 28, 2023 – The Ghent-based digital performance marketing agency Ants Connect has acquired Antwerp’s Cosmos Collective. This growing enterprise is now establishing a presence in Antwerp, with an office on Mechelsesteenweg, and significantly expanding its range of services. “The growth marketing […]

5 Easy Ways To Hack The Biggest Social Network Algorithms

Hacks to undermine the algorithm

Nowadays it’s all about algorithms. By some considered to be annoying bugs, it’s actually a feature marketers can benefit from. We’re here to boost your algorithm marketing, so let’s have an open mindset about it. After all, they exist to make the lives of marketers much easier. Targeting goes beyond demographics, such as age, gender […]

4 Powerful Demand Generation Strategies to warm up target accounts

Demand Gen strategies

4 Powerful Demand Generation Strategies to warm up target accounts  In this article, you’ll find: What demand generation is and why it is important The two things you need to do before you start with demand generation marketing Four strategies you can use to warm up target accounts Imagine you’re going on a first date, […]

How web 3.0 is giving back power to the people


Web 3 experimentation Web 2.0 enables us to experiment with an idea by doing smoke tests, MVPs, etc. This is not that different in web 3.0, but it is important to know what did change, and what this is based on. As with every new application, there are a lot of opportunities to discover in […]

Three best validation podcast episodes to listen to during your summer holidays!


We all know that business ideas must be validated. But how do we validate those business ideas? That’s the tricky part. So, are you getting ready for your summer holiday? If you love to learn more about business idea validation, our hand-picked thought-provoking podcast episode will keep you stimulated during your summer commute. Validating and […]

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