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“The secret to business success is no longer in attracting the best talent. It’s about unleashing their full potential through experimentation”

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What we are offering

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Growth Crash Course

See how we drive growth with experimentation and why it's important for future-proofing your business

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Validation Crash Course

Learn how to derisk your business ideas by breaking them down into testable assumptions, in this 2-day crash course

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Experiment Design Masterclass

This masterclass will take you through the trials and tribulations of conducting experiments, from designing them to analyzing the results.

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Experimentation Coaching

During this 3-month track we guide your company through several challenges, evolving your assigned team into an experimentation team.

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The fabulous 4 that will make you love our experimentation tracks​​

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Get your hands dirty

It’s not just theory, our hands-on exercises can turn any zero into an experimentation hero that masters the crucial processes and tools.

The net worth in networking

There is plenty of time to network, because we understand the value of it. Become part of the collective by joining our community of like-minded learners, leading to more bang for your buck!

Latest and greatest

With an ever-changing market comes ever-changing content. We constantly update our courses with the latest use cases to ensure the best learning experience.

In the field experience

Every single one of our trainers are experts in their field. Currently consultants or with extensive consulting experience, they are all equipped with the knowledge of how a company or startup works. They have seen and experienced multiple use cases for you to learn from.

Don't take our word for it... Believe our clients!

"We really appreciate the Cosmos way of working. They helped us validate our ideas step by step - based on real customer behaviour - to make sure our concept worked before investing in it. In addition, very capable and nice people to work with, I can count on them."
MARIJKE HOUTMAN - Business Developer in Health at Colruyt Group
“I’ve been part of many upskilling programs, but at Cosmos Collective they keep surprising. Not only the curriculum is always on point, never have I seen such an up-to-date toolkit to use myself. These guys are all about learning by doing."
LIEVEN VAN NIEUWENHUYZE - Group Chief Digital Officer at House of HR
“We’ve been working with Cosmos Collective since day 1 and now and then they invite us for their masterclasses! I can only highly recommend their programs, no fluffy bullshit, but actionable tips to take to the office the next day.”
ELLEN VERHASSELT - Innovation Lead at Smart With Food by Colruyt Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case some things weren’t clear

Growth takes the traditional marketing model and adds layers such as A/B testing, value-additive blog posts, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimisation, creative ad copy and technical analysis of every aspect of a user’s experience. The insights gained from these strategies are quickly implemented in order to achieve robust and sustainable growth.

Validation starts with the idea or innovation challenge, which is then dissected based on the 3 innovation lenses: Desirability, viability and feasibility. Dissecting means creating assumptions from the idea, which are then ranked based on risk. The riskiest assumption is then translated into a hypothesis, a measurable statement and an experimental outcome. It is the process of going from an idea, all the way to an experiment to validate or invalidate the hypothesis that came out of your idea.

We welcome anyone who wants to master how to drive impactful growth through growth marketing and experimentation. If you’re working to solve critical business problems, either as a solo entrepreneur, startup or squad member of an innovation team, then this is the right place for you.

Our consultants and expert trainers are professionals with real life experience in their respective fields, who dedicate some of their precious time to helping others. They have real, hands-on experience and knowledge with multiple use cases they can refer to. They are also constantly looking for ways to update course curriculums, by implementing new technology and including the latest techniques & strategies.

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