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We’re Cosmos Collective, an experiment studio based in Antwerp. We help companies accelerate their innovation efforts by validating ideas at an early stage and using growth marketing principles to boost revenue.

This is Cosmos Collective

We’re Cosmos Collective, an innovation & experiment studio based in Antwerp. We help companies accelerate innovation and drive growth. We do this by validating ideas at an early stage and using growth marketing principles to boost revenue.


Why did we start Cosmos Collective?

Too often we see new ideas being broken down to classic Excel sheets where the focus is on numbers and revenue instead of market fit. With little to no customer involvement it’s hard to be successful. Why? Because either nobody is waiting for this ‘solution’ or it solves the wrong problem.

Enter Cosmos Collective. We help companies during the innovation process by guiding them in validating their business ideas at an early stage. Thanks to our rapid experimentation process, we gather actionable customer insights. We leverage learnings to pivot solutions across experience, business model & technology towards success. Once validated, we help scale these ideas by using growth marketing principles to boost revenue.

Why clients work with us?

Because we’re different.

Actionable innovation

We’re a pragmatic strategic partner. We provide ad hoc innovation support and help teams take action. We’re your feet on the street.


Everything we do is data-driven. Through our experiments, replace gut feeling with hard, behavior-driven data.

Lean startup method

We bring ideas to market by keeping it simple and avoiding long development cycles. This way we cut back the corporate innovation process from 2 years to 12 weeks. We go fast. Can you keep up?

Rapid experimentation

We break down your innovation ideas into small, testable assumptions which we test through measurable experiments. Let’s get that evidence!

Objective partner

Innovation & growth are driven by value. If we can’t find market-fit then that is value in itself. Less budget wasted.

No-code tooling

We spend our time on testing and learning, not on building the best-looking MVP.

Meet the team!

Hi, as Founder & Client Lead, I use my abilities from 10 years of experience to turn ideas into products/services. My skillset allows me to launch new ventures with minimum risk and incredible speed. Board of innovation is where I started my journey as Frederik's teacher, and that's where I picked him up. 😅
—Founder & Client Lead
As partner and validation lead, I help our clients test their business ideas in an early stage. I got intrigued by innovation through Trek-fan! I believe we can play a role in shaping the future. Life-changing disruptions or small improvements, I thrive on making ideas tangible, testing them fast & launching them to the market.
—Partner & Validation Lead
As a seasoned growth professional with a background in Innovation, I help startups and corporates drive business growth by making data-driven decisions. By constantly testing new strategies and tactics to acquire, activate and retain customers, I help businesses become more agile.
—Founder & Head of Growth
Hi, I'm Sander! As Innovation lead I use 15 years of innovation experience to quickly bring your innovative ideas to life and test them with real users. You will quickly learn what works and what not, de-risking your whole innovation process. I'm all about making ideas tangible and testing them thoroughly, so that you can innovate with peace of mind!
—Managing partner | NL
Hi, I’m Mathy 👋 I’m specialized in Paid Advertising, Innovation and Experimentation. If you want someone to implement your Growth Marketing processes, I'm your guy! As a side project, I'm managing an e-commerce store and creative collective focused on sustainable fashion, art and good vibes.
—Growth Lead
Hi, I'm Tom! I'm an experiment designer working on our validation tracks at Cosmos Collective. I'm passionate about launching new products and services while including the end customer in the process. After office hours you can either catch me playing rugby or padel 💪
—Experiment Designer
Hi, I’m Jens! I am a copywriter, helping both our clients and our company put everything into captivating words. My own experiences as a freelance copywriter have given me a broad knowledge base, which helps me create strong copy at a fast rate. When I’m not typing away at your stories and content, you can find me on the golf course ⛳️
Hello there! I 'm excited about everything in the world of digital marketing, growth marketing and innovation. My own webshop has taught me many things about paid advertising & experimentation. After this, I started my adventure here with great interest & a healthy amount of stress. When that's finished, I'm off to the tennis or football court.
—Marketing Lead
Hey hey! As the talent & culture lead, I try to find the right people for Cosmos Collective, I help everyone to find their interests and make sure they grow in the right direction ànd I'm in charge of making sure everyone has a great time. Awesome right?! On the side I like to dance, drink cava and read. 2 books a month is my latest challenge 🤓
—Talent & Culture Lead
Hi, I’m Jodie! I’m an experiment designer in the validation squad at Cosmos Collective. I love challenging the status quo, developing new products & services, and launching them into the market. Outside of work you can find me in the gym where I give cycling classes 🚴‍♀️
—Experiment Designer
Hi there, I'm Shai, responsible for building products and brands from the ground up. I use my knowledge of coding & designing to change user behaviour. You can also find me in my comfortable gaming chair or enjoying a great movie in the cinema.
—Digital Designer
I started my career at large multinationals and later founded two start-ups and a scale-up, ranging from building digital platforms to creating a FMCG brand from scratch in the Middle-east. Nowadays, I use my in-depth venture building experience to help organizations innovate faster and more effectively. Fun fact: I give evening lessons in the ancient art of Tai Chi ☯
—Managing partner | NL
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Let's go!
Yannick and Fré decide to tackle innovation & growth head-on: Cosmos Collective is born!
February 2021
Our own offices
A growing team means growing our offices. Time to move from a coworking place to our own offices. See you at C-Hive!
October 2022
Stay tuned
We're sure many exciting things are to come. Check our website once in a while to stay up to date!
November 2020
First employee
Wow, what a ride it’s been! We’re able to hire our first Cosmos Collective employee. Lets g(r)o(w)!
May 2022
Let's go international
Cosmos Collective is conquering the world: our offices in Amsterdam and New York are finally open. Let’s start the collective!

Going global

Let’s conquer the cosmos

New York - USA

U-S-A! Our local team of senior experiment designers serve our US-based clients, transferring market insights across the ocean.

Antwerp - Belgium

Homebase. And one of the key expert areas of Growth & innovation talent. Up for a coffee & speculoos? Visit us at C-Hive!

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Say cheese! Our Dutch colleagues focus on trans-European customers scaling our expertise in the market.

Behind the scenes