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Maximize R.O.I. with experimentation

Take the risk out of innovation.
Get your business ready for the future.
With validation & marketing experimentation.

We're an experimentation studio

Experimentation makes it easy to test hypotheses, gather data on consumer behavior, and try out new ideas without risking significant resources. This allows you to overcome challenges, accelerate growth, and only scale successful concepts. It’s a powerful approach for cost-effective, scalable innovation & growth.

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We validate new ideas

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All in record time. We help you generate new concepts and turn them into solutions that relieve consumer pain, by testing hypotheses and (in)validating them with experiments. 

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We grow your business

With data-driven marketing. We experiment to find the winning formula for acquiring & retaining customers. This leads to more revenue, higher customer satisfaction & sustainable growth.

Trusted by companies across the globe


Why experimentation?



Get accurate feedback from your target audience in fast intervals & tailor your solution to their needs



Experimentation allows for minimal time and cost investments, with quick pivots when something works or doesn’t. We only scale something when it works, making it truly cost-effective.


Rapid results

Working in 2-week sprints enables us to get tangible and effective results that can change your business for the long term.

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Frederik Vandenweghe

Frederik Vandenweghe

Founder & Client Lead

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Don't take our word for it... Believe our clients!

"We really appreciate the Cosmos way of working. They helped us validate our ideas step by step - based on real customer behaviour - to make sure our concept worked before investing in it. In addition, very capable and nice people to work with, I can count on them."
MARIJKE HOUTMAN - Business Developer in Health at Colruyt Group
“I’ve been part of many upskilling programs, but at Cosmos Collective they keep surprising. Not only the curriculum is always on point, never have I seen such an up-to-date toolkit to use myself. These guys are all about learning by doing."
LIEVEN VAN NIEUWENHUYZE - Group Chief Digital Officer at House of HR
“We’ve been working with Cosmos Collective since day 1 and now and then they invite us for their masterclasses! I can only highly recommend their programs, no fluffy bullshit, but actionable tips to take to the office the next day.”
ELLEN VERHASSELT - Innovation Lead at Smart With Food by Colruyt Group

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Here's a look at how experimentation leads to success

Training squad

Training marketing squads of a European HR force

Training to be more customer centric

Training PMI employees on a global scale to be more customer-centric

In partnership with a large Dutch bank, we established a track to find out what could be the perfect solution to bridge the gap between realtors and home buyers.

Connecting the perfect buyer with a realtor

Filling up coworking spaces

Using lead generation and content creation to fill coworking spaces

B2B TV platform creation

Getting a TV-guide business the insights to build a B2B tool

Gain and keep listeners as a music channel

3 ways to help a music channel gain and keep new listeners

Changing the supermarket industry by validating a new business model

Validating an entirely new business model in the supermarket industry

Level up the way you watch tv

Using fake branding to test a new way of watching television

Getting a TV-guide business the insights to build a B2B tool
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DPG Media
3 ways to help a music channel gain and keep new listeners
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House of HR
Training marketing squads of a European HR force
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