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Hi, we’re Cosmos Collective, the experiment studio that helps you to accelerate innovation and drive growth. You’ll like us for our tried and tested, lean and mean innovation approach.

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Whether you want to explore the universe for new ideas or validate your maybe-brilliant idea into a solid business strategy, we have a service for you. Or are you looking for growth and possible world domination? You can achieve all with a little help from one of our three purpose-fit services.

Upskill your workforce

This is where we spill our beans. Join one of our training sessions at the studio or call us for in-house training on digital, experimentation, idea validation, growth marketing… Everything we know delivered at your doorstep.

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From partnership to collaboration. Here’s how:

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Senior small squads

Who run the project? Squads. Your project is in the hands of a team, not an individual. We create a perfect mix of skills, avoid long briefing cycles and shift gear in the blink of an eye.

Hands-on approach

You don’t need endless briefings, you need action. Everyone in our collective is hands-on and works proactively. We detect problems before they occur. You need a solution? We’ll get it yesterday.

Continuous customer feedback

We fill your innovation loop with customers. What works in theory, might fail with people. We involve your future/potential/ideal customer in every step of our two-week sprint, making fast changes possible and saving on budget.

Crystal clear metrics

Data is golden. Your progress is continuously measured and kept in a dashboard that works 24/7, without complaining. No gut feelings. Embrace our rock-hard data to validate your idea or evaluate your campaign.

Rapid experimentation

Share our love for all things new. We love experimenting with new channels, testing new ideas, and digging into new markets. Innovation is speed. Buckle up, we like it fast.

Good fun

All work and no play? You want a collective that sees the fun in innovation and growth. That’s why we loosen the strings regularly with dinners and events. What’s the point of success if you can’t celebrate?

Experimentation is in our DNA

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Grab a coffee, read our blog

Don’t dig the internet yourself. We collected the most recent reports on industry waves and provide you with the hottest innovation and growth insights.

Don't take our word for it... Believe our clients!

"We really appreciate the Cosmos way of working. They helped us validate our ideas step by step - based on real customer behaviour - to make sure our concept worked before investing in it. In addition, very capable and nice people to work with, I can count on them."
MARIJKE HOUTMAN - Strategy Advisor & Business Developer in Health & Food Acquisition at Colruyt Group
“I’ve been part of many upskilling programs, but at Cosmos Collective they keep surprising. Not only the curriculum is always on point, never have I seen such an up-to-date toolkit to use myself. These guys are all about learning by doing."
LIEVEN VAN NIEUWENHUYZE - Group Chief Digital Officer at House of HR
“We’ve been working with Cosmos Collective since day 1 and now and then they invite us for their masterclasses! I can only highly recommend their programs, no fluffy bullshit, but actionable tips to take to the office the next day.”
ELLEN VERHASSELT - Innovation Lead at Smart With Food by Colruyt Group

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